WhatsApp Updates: New updates released with new features

WhatsApp is essential to all of us in processes that are used for communication. Particularly, Facebook has been getting a lot of new updates since 2014 by Facebook.

There are 6 features available in the new versions of WhatsApp that have been released in this way, such as Dark Mode, Share Contact Info Via QR, Group Calling Shortcut, Multi-Share Files, View videos Directly in the Push Notification, Ranking the Contacts.

Dark Mode (Dark Light Reduced Light)

The black color of the WhatsApp’s wallpaper is released in the name of ‘Dark Mode’. Prior to this feature, there are works in YouTube, Twitter and Twitter. This facility was naturally featured on Nokia Lumia Siri’s handsets. This dark-handed facility has been provided to the user’s eyes during night time.

Share Contact Info Via QR

This new feature, information about us can be easily used by someone. When the QR code appears, it will share the information together with others when it is used. The same facility is featured in Instagram.

The Group Calling Shortcut

This is being tested in the WhatsApp beta version, near the new icon call. If you touch it, you can call three of our people at the same time. Previously the same facility was provided at IAS.

Multi-Share Files

The Multi-Share Files feature is a feature to share files from a different process, such as document and PDF files. In particular, it also provides a preview of the message when it is sent to others. Previously, the same service is present in different processes. This is the

Contact rankings (Ranking the Contacts)

Contacts on our mobile can also be used in WhatsApp. It provides quality dividing facility. Accordingly, we can share photos, videos, audio in the contacts we choose as standard numbers. This update provides the number of communications that transmits information through writing, as the average contacts, and other types of contacts.