Thousands of foreigners are banned to enter Malaysia

73,000 foreigners have been banned from entering Malaysia, based on the Malaysian Immigration Law.

Director of the Immigration Department, Gen. Serie Mustafar Ali, said “Not To Land” has been issued to prevent these criminals entry into the country. They are trying to enter land, air and sea. ”

There are thousands of foreigners involved in various crimes in Malaysia. There are also students who have come in the name of students and have no documented documents.

“Some outsiders say that they are studying in larger educational institutions. Fake and outdated passports have been banned, “said Musserbar Ali, speaking after the Immigration Day celebration at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

According to the Immigration Law, companies involved in the employment of foreigners who have entered Malaysia for work should be taken within 6 hours. If they are not invited, they will be allowed to wait for up to three days. The Malaysian Immigration Department has pointed out that if they do not arrive then they will be deported to their own country.

46,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested in 15,000 searches conducted by the Malaysian Immigration Department this year. The detainees have been detained and will be sent back to their homeland by 9,000 foreigners in the clutches of Malaysian immigration.

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