The Honda 2 Stage Snow Blower- a Review

The Honda 2 Stage Snow Blower- a Review

In some parts of the world, it snows constantly, like in Antarctica. Penguins don’t use cars there, they drive snow blowers, 2 stage track drive snow blowers. For people dwelling in freezing temperatures, or anyone else affected by Siberian blizzards, you should sell your bicycle to invest in what is serious, but fun, equipment.

The Honda 2 stage snow blower is under review today. Though very popular among Penguins, it was, actually, designed by and for humans.

We arranged a test of the 5 two stage blowers made by Honda, whose engines range from 198 cc to 389cc. These Honda snow blowers use commercial grade parts. Buying one is an investment in a quality machine that will last more than two winters.

2 stage vs. 1 stage snow blowers

A 1 stage snow blower has an auger (blades seen at the front of the blower) and snow gets pushed out through a chute. A 2 stage blower has more power, and wheels giving it the ability to clear some large slopes. With the lifting of a lever, you can adjust the height of your snow blower, which comes with simple steering. It’s powerful and light on noise.

The terrain

A reason you would want a 2 stage snow blower is that if you have a 1 stage auger, it will lift the snow and your gravel. It’s unlikely your neighbours will be pleased at having small stones thrown at them. On a smooth concrete driveway, there are general snow blower concerns of
scratching on the driveway after repeated use, but this is not an issue with the Honda 2 stage snow blowers.

The Drive

Honda Snow Blowers come in track drive or wheel drive, with equal engine capacity in either drive.

Track drive blowers are best for steeper areas, while wheel drives can make more traction using chains.

Track drives also tend to have more rubber giving them better traction, but wheel drives have been around a lot longer. Keep in mind that a snow blower is not the same thing as a snowmobile. The latter has much larger tracks and drives above snow. The blower, however, is supposed to touch ground and clear the snow. The difference is the track size between the two with snowmobiles having more track.

Honda 2 stage snow blowers make light work of snow clearing. You won’t spend half the energy you would when using other brands, or a 1 stage blower. Using a less powerful machine will ask you to use more of your own strength, while Honda does it for you.

Engine Capacity

Choosing between engine sizes is the choice between clearing snow from 24 to 32 inches wide. The 198cc can throw snow up to 49 feet. The 270cc tosses it up to 52 feet, while the 389cc sends the snow up to 56 feet. The differences in lb./min is wide ranging from the 198cc to the 389cc. What we are looking at is 1500 lb./min, 1900lb./min, and 2750lb./min. Honda tells us that their speed is “infinitely variable”.

What does this mean in English? They are powerful, with an electric start, perfect in icy temperatures.


Setting up your new slow blower won’t leave you with a headache and scattered small parts. Use the oil given, fill up with your fuel, and press the start button, preferably outside after the first snowfall, not in your garage. The first snowfall gave me thirty minutes play time clearing 150 metres. Though the machine is big, handling is not an issue after a little bit of practice.

Why to buy one

You have survived a harsh winter if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, or about to be entering one if in the Southern Hemisphere. It is at this point that you should review your last snow battle. Who won? The snow, or you? Do not let the snow win next year. Invest in a Honda 2 stage blower. They are best two stage snow blower for the money. They are all well-designed, pretty to look at, comfortable to use, and durable. They are not cheap, but not a rip off either. You get what you pay for – a quality commercial grade machine, which means less snow stress for you every winter.

Overall, the Honda 2 Stage snow blowers are the latest answer to medium to heavy snowfall that won’t ask strength and energy of you. It’s a sturdy machine that’s intuitive handling for newer or more seasoned snowblowers. If any issues come up, you’ll have a warranty in place.

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