Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Has A New Snow White Color Varaint

The Taiwan branch of Samsung Electronics has just announced what is roughly translated as a “First Snow White” version of its popular Galaxy Note9. The new color is timed to welcome the winter season, and for the time being it’s not only a Taiwan exclusive, but sale is limited to just a handful of stores in the country.

Precise details about the launch are difficult to determine, given the original press release was in Chinese (and the translated version has some pretty strange statements to make about flywheels), but we do know what it looks like. In images published to the Samsung Taiwan Facebook page, we can see that the back is a solid and bright white, as are the fingerprint sensor and sections of the raised camera assembly. Based on what little is visible of the edges, it appears to be complemented by a matte silver anodized aluminum frame.

Currently, the “First Snow White” is set to be an exclusive for Taiwan, but it’s possible (and we’re hopeful) that it could come to more markets in the future. In the meantime, those in Taiwan looking to pick one up will be paying NT$30,900 for the 128GB model, which works out to a few cents below a round $1,000 USD. 

The original PR for Samsung’s announcement is available here, but we’ve embedded Google’s (occasionally hilarious) translation below in the reference link.


Galaxy Note9  has a snow white color for Taiwan