10 Best Ways To propose Her with Engagement Rings

In the relationship of each couple in love, sooner or later, a time comes when they have to end their bachelor life & take a decision about the marriage. By tradition, males are expected to make the first move in this direction. But, the biggest question is that how boys should express their feelings and intentions before their female partners.

These days, many bachelors use engagement rings to propose their love mates and express their feelings. You can also do that. Just follow these careful tips:

  1. Purchase A Good Engagement Ring At First

The Engagement ring is one of the most important ornaments in the life of each person. Therefore, it is worth taking the most responsible approach in this regard. Some couples choose the engagement ring relying on signs and beliefs. Others bank on solely to their taste preferences. So, have a look at different types of engagement rings and pick a suitable one as per your liking and budget.

  1. Choose A Specific Date

The future husband and wife always try to choose a specific date for the exchange of engagement rings. To purpose your female partner with an engagement ring, choose a specific date on which you are free from your daily duties and weather condition is romantic.

  1. Select A suitable Place for Proposing Your Female partner

Once you have purchased an engagement ring and finalized a date, you need to decide the place where you can purpose your female partner. Just avoid family functions, dance floors, a movie in a cinema hall, sports grounds, beach, comedy shows, theme restaurants and museums for this important event. Choose a calm place where you can purpose your female partner with an engagement ring in an easy way.

  1. Get Chocolatey If You Want

If you girlfriend happens to a be a chocolate lover, it might be one of the best ways to gift her the engagement ring. Just buy a box of gourmet chocolates from the market, reshape it in the shape of the heart. If you can’t do this, get it done by the professionals. Wrap it with a beautiful paper and tie a fancy bow. When your female partner opens the box for candy, she will get the surprise gift and become happy definitely.

  1. Go For a walk Together

Before proposing your female partner, take her to a walk with hands in hand. Believe me, nothing will be more interesting than it. It helps you to get closer to your partner and make her feel special,

  1. A Poem of Love

When you are out with your girlfriend, you have to leave the worries aside and think of love only. Be like a romantic lover and dedicate a love song, poem, lines and expressions. If you can, sing a romantic song for your partner. If not, use a tape recorder device to record your voice and express your love feeling towards her. This will make the atmosphere romantic & pleasing.

  1. Give A Good Treat

The day when you propose your female partner always special. So, give her a special treat in a famous place, like restaurant, bar, pub, etc. If she wants to invite her friends, let her do so. Arrange all eating and drinking stuff your partner loves to have. Once they are satisfied, it becomes easier for you to convince her for an engagement proposal. There are many scenarios when things go haywire because of miscommunication. So, make sure your girlfriend is ready to accept your offer.

  1. Desert

A more private and economical option of the above idea would be to have a special dessert night at home. Invite your girlfriend to a simple dinner at your house and once she agrees, get her favorite ice cream or pastries for dessert. Before serving it, put the ring in a bowl and then cover it with what it has. Although it does make a great romantic surprise, just pray silently so she doesn’t choke on the ring.

  1. Purpose Your Girlfriend With Flowers and Engagement Ring

Red roses have always been associated with passion and passion of romantic love. And so, what better way to confess the same thing to your girlfriend than hiding a ring inside her petals. To do this, you will need to choose a solid Bud of roses and gently open the petals to place the ring there. Once you present it to your girlfriend, make sure she keeps it in a safe, visible place like her dresser or nightstand. The Bud will open in a couple of days, revealing the ring in its velvety folds.

  1. Have Breakfast Together

If your girlfriend likes to sleep, here’s a great way to say “good morning.” Set the Breakfast tray for her with toast, eggs, juice and a flower for decoration. Hold the ring on a small plate and cover it to make it look like part of the Breakfast menu. Your girlfriend will be thrilled just seeing you bring Breakfast to bed but wait until she reveals the closed plate and finds the ring.

Final Words

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily purpose your life partner with an engagement ring and make her your own forever.

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Author Bio – Evie Jones is a blogger and jewellery designer associated with an Melbourne based Diamond Company, an online store that offers a vast collection of radiant diamond, cushion cut diamond and round cut diamond engagement rings. Evie works with an experienced team of diamond experts and loves to explore and share the latest ring trends with others.