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Tourist Places Ooty in Tamil

(Ooty Mountain Railway)

The Ooty Mountain Rail was started by the British in 1908. The train is operated by Southern Railway. This is only one of the rack railways in India.

This train ride is very popular. It is a little late for the train to run a mud fall during the train journey. The train will be running after the ban is removed.

Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake – Ooty Lake is the most popular place. All the tourists come to visit. Ooty Lake is a total of 62 acres. The boat ride is very popular here. This lake was created by man. John Sullivan.

During the summer season, the boat race takes place for two days. There is a garden, mini train and a recreational park.

The boat cottage is also a time to enjoy the lake. Boats are available for rent here.

The lake is also located close to the lake where tourists can buy many items like restaurant and herbal goods, oils, fabrics and carpets. This place is one of the most popular tourist destinations .

This lake is polluted by some tourists coming here. The government is trying to control this but it is not completely controlled. Book your hotels through Ooty Travels, Ooty Taxi service, Professional Holiday Tour Packages – Aalayam Travels.

If you do not get involved in such things, you can enjoy the beauty of nature for years.

Ooty Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden was created in 1847.

The height of the park is about 2500 km above sea level. This park is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticultural Development Camp. The park is a popular tourist attraction

Ooty Rose Garden

Some of the important locations in the feed are Rose Garden. There are many tourists coming here. This garden is located at Vijayanagaram in the town of Ooty. The area is 4 hectares.

Thread Garden

From here we can know that all the plants and flowers here are made of thread. The garden is very popular in the feed. All garden and flowers in this garden are made of hand. This garden is unique than any other place because the plant and flowers here show the hard work of man.

Dolphin’s nose

Dolphin Nose is one of the major tourist attractions in Ooty. The place has a height of about 1000 feet above sea level.

The place is located ten kilometers away from Coonoor. This place is called dolphin nose and is named by this name.  There are many wonderful sceneries available from this place and you can see the fall of Kotagiri from here.


Emerald Lake Feed

The lake is located in the village Emeraldu. This lake is just 25 km away from Ooty. The lake is a very important tourist attraction.

Various fish can also be found here. There are tea gardens around this lake. Tourists coming here can buy tea items. Ooty Travels will guide you with each and every places.

Kamaraj Sagar Lake – Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Kamraj Sagar Lake Ooty tourism is one of the sites listed. This lake is about ten miles from the bus stop. This is a place where most entertainment and screen images are taken.

Annamalai temple

Annamalai Murugan Temple is a very important place in Nilgiris. Tourists come here with the family and worship Murugan.

Wax museum

The wax museum located in the feed is very popular. Wax statues present here show us the history and culture of India.

Trough Castle

The Druk Fort also calls it the Pakhasura Hill Range. This fort is located at a distance of 15 km from Coonoor and is a historic fort.

This fort was used by Tipu Sultan in the eighteenth century. Now there is only one wall of this fort. It is a very attractive place for tourists.

Pykara Lake – Pykara

Pykara is produced in the city. A River Paikara Falls draws 61 meters above the sea level and attracts tourists. There is a list of these waterfront tourist sites.

Mudumalai – Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai National Park is the most important tourist attraction. Located on the state border of Karnataka and Kerala, this park was started in 1940. This is the first wildlife sanctuary in south India.