How to Maintain Your Hair During Winter

The cold weather is just around the corner. Although it is known that the dropping temperature has an effect on your skin and hair, don’t let it keep you from having healthy hair. To help your tresses sparkle during the cold season, we rounded up these 6 tips to keep your hair looking shiny, gorgeous, and healthy all winter:

1. Less style

As much as you want to look and feel good about your hair during winter, it is best that you limit your use of heat styling tools. The heat can only cause your hair and scalp to dry out, putting you at risk of damage.

2. Darken your hair color

Winter is a great time to let go of your dream to become a blonde. Of course, this color is awesome, but it also does a pretty great job at damaging your hair. If you insist on coloring your locks, leave the roots a bit darker and apply a semi-permanent hair color until the weather is gentler.

3. Keep the temperature warm.

Be sure you don’t get a temperature whenever you leave the premises of your home and when you arrive. If the temperature inside is warmer than the inside, it can cause your skin and scalp to be irritated.

4. No hot water.

Yes, it’s cold. However, if you truly care for your scalp, just don’t rinse with hot water because it will dehydrate your hair and scalp. It’ll help if you keep the water heater temperature at the same level the whole year to be fair to your hair.

5. Wash less frequently.

How often do you shampoo? Well, you might be tempted to shampoo regularly for grooming purposes. But hair care experts found that if you shampoo your hair only twice or thrice a week, you can help prevent your hair from becoming dry and dull.

6. Condition, condition, condition!

It is normal for us to use conditioner every after we shampoo. After all, it is an important part of any hair care regimen. But during winter, we suggest you use a deep conditioner and a leave-in treatment to keep your strands moisturized and protected.