5 Important Post Windshield Replacement Care Tips

Experts advise that you should go for windshield replacement once your windshields’ integrity has been compromised. However, you won’t find much information about care and maintenance following windshield replacement.

Generally, technicians who are replacing the windshield in Arlington VA will give you instructions regarding dos and don’ts following windshield replacement. However, we decided to go a step further and provide you with detailed care tips.

Regardless of who paid for the windshield replacement , either you or your insurance, by following the following tips you can be certain that you’ll be getting your money’s worth. As a rule of thumb, driving too soon or getting a car wash or removing the adhesive tapes can cause issues with the adhesive that’s holding the windshield in place.

When Can I Drive My Car Again?

The time required by the adhesive to dry is dependent on humidity, temperature, and kind of adhesive that has been used. It usually takes about an hour to dry however the time may vary depending upon the circumstances. Some special adhesives require 24 hours to dry and the drying time can also spike if it’s unusually humid.

When Can I Get A Car Wash?

The process of car wash generally employs the use of high-pressure water streams for removal of bugs, grime, and dirt from your car. Experts in car glass replacement say that getting car wash before the sealant and moldings are completely dry can ruin your windshield replacement altogether. For car owners who are adamant on getting the car washed should rely on hand wash service and should make sure that no high-pressure hose goes even close to the windshield. For those of you who are worried about rainfall, the rainfall isn’t pressurized so you need not worry!

How Do I Find Out That Windshield Replacement Was Properly Done?

The only way to find out for sure is to undo it and remove the glass. You can inspect the molding and be sure whether the installation was proper or not. That’s why it is important to rely on professional windshield replacement in Arlington VA.

Be Gentle With Your Car

During the first 24 hours of getting your windshield wipers replaced, the molding and sealant are vulnerable. This means that you should be gentle with your car and avoid shaking and jolting it too much. Do not slam your car doors shut because it builds pressure inside your car and can even make the windshield come loose. Avoid rough-terrain and off-roading as well. You should, ideally speaking; keep the windows open just enough to allow the hot air to escape and prevent any high-pressure buildup inside your car. You can visit I know The best to know more about best windshield wiper blades.

Select A Different Route/Parking Spot

If your windshield was damaged in a parking lot, we suggest you change the parking area and report the damage to the property owner. If you commute through an area where road debris is in excess, preferably change your route to avoid any such incident in future.