Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Has A New Snow White Color Varaint

The Taiwan branch of Samsung Electronics has just announced what is roughly translated as a “First Snow White” version of its popular Galaxy Note9. The new color is timed to welcome the winter season, and for the time being it’s not only a Taiwan exclusive, but sale is limited to just a handful of stores in the country.

Precise details about the launch are difficult to determine, given the original press release was in Chinese (and the translated version has some pretty strange statements to make about flywheels), but we do know what it looks like. In images published to the Samsung Taiwan Facebook page, we can see that the back is a solid and bright white, as are the fingerprint sensor and sections of the raised camera assembly. Based on what little is visible of the edges, it appears to be complemented by a matte silver anodized aluminum frame.

Currently, the “First Snow White” is set to be an exclusive for Taiwan, but it’s possible (and we’re hopeful) that it could come to more markets in the future. In the meantime, those in Taiwan looking to pick one up will be paying NT$30,900 for the 128GB model, which works out to a few cents below a round $1,000 USD. 

The original PR for Samsung’s announcement is available here, but we’ve embedded Google’s (occasionally hilarious) translation below in the reference link.


Galaxy Note9  has a snow white color for Taiwan

Samsung Foldable Phone Release Date And Price

Samsung’s foldable smartphone will not be widely available and will carry a price tag that will reach as high as $2,500, according to unconfirmed claims from a report by Gizmodo U.K.

The groundbreaking device will only be offered in the U.K. through a limited number of channels, according to Gizmodo U.K.’s source who has been verified as a Samsung employee. The smartphone will be offered SIM-free through Samsung stores, and either SIM-free or on contract through the carrier EE.

If the report is true, Samsung’s plan for the foldable smartphone in the U.K. will be very different compared to its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships, which are offered by almost all major carriers. It remains unknown if the device will be similarly harder to buy in the U.S. compared to Samsung’s previous flagship models.

It is also unclear if installment plans will be offered for the foldable smartphone, but the chances are high that Samsung and EE will offer such a payment option due to its rumored price tag. The device will cost between £1,500 and £2,000, the same source of Gizmodo UK said, which is equivalent to about $1,900 to $2,500.

The price range will cover different models of the foldable phone, with the most expensive one likely offering the highest internal storage and RAM for the device. The reported price tag is even more expensive than previous rumors, which said the device will cost up to about $1,850. The smartphone industry only recently ushered in the age of $1,000 price tags, but it appears that Samsung is already pushing things further if it is indeed planning to sell the foldable phone for up to $2,500.

Samsung’s foldable phone, which is said to be named either the Galaxy X, Galaxy F, or Galaxy Flex, was teased at the Samsung Developer Conference earlier this month. The device’s Infinity Flex Display was showed off at the event, though the rest of the smartphone’s design was covered up as a secret.

The device will be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress in February 2019 and released in March 2019, according to the latest rumor from Samsung’s home country of South Korea. Samsung, however, might not be the only smartphone manufacturer to launch a foldable smartphone next year, as LG is also rumored to unveil one at CES 2019.


Creed 2 Box Office Record

If you thought an unending supply of reheated collard greens with a complimentary bout of The Itis would keep folks out of movie theaters this weekend you’re sadly mistaken.

MGM, New Line, and Warner Bros. delivered a knockout over the holiday weekend with the Steven Caple Jr.-directed Creed II. With Ryan Coogler unable to helm Creed’s sequel due to his commitments in Wakanda, the latest installment of the Rocky franchise earned an astonishing $56 million during it’s opening weekend. For those keeping track at home, that’s the biggest debut ever for a live-action Thanksgiving holiday release.

According to Forbes, $35 million of that was generated from Friday to Sunday while most of us where still drunk off of sweet potato pie. Of equal note, this is the biggest unadjusted debut ever for a Thanksgiving holiday release that isn’t affiliated with the House of Mouse.

But it gets even better, because this is also the biggest unadjusted debut ever for a sports or boxing drama. Which of course means that this is the biggest debut ever for a Rocky movie.

So kudos to all involved. Once this mac and cheese haze wears off I’ll be at the theaters with the rest of ya’ll.


Creed II Creates a Record At Box Office