What is Balinese massage & its advatnage

Balinese massage is a type of massage most people want to take. In today’s world massage is the most important thing for everybody. Because taking massage is the good for your body and health.

Good spa techniques are really hard to find. Only few of the massage centers providing good spa treatments. Many of the people don’t know about benefits of massage. There are plenty of benefits are available. Hope you can read this full article to know about what is Balinese massage & its advantages.

Balinese massage consist of lots of massage technique including acupuncture massage, reflexology, Thai & Aromatherapy.

Skin rolling, Stroking, Kneading, Pressure point stimulation combined with aromatherapy is called Balinese massage.

I already told this massage has plenty of benefits. By giving good amount of pressure and other massage technique, the Balinese massage done correctly.

I hope everybody knows what is full body massage. If you are don’t know visit Bangbodyspa for knowing full body massage service.

This is the service contains every massage technique. Likewise Balinese massage also consist of many massage types. That is why it is very effective for all kinds of people.

This massage has plenty of benefits those are:

It reduces body pain

It removes toxin from your skin

It eliminates bad things from your body

It purifies your blood

It stimulates high blood flow

It increase the immune

These are some major benefits of Balinese massage. Hope everybody get this massage, If you want to know more about Balinese massage then visit this page.


Amoveo Spa Review – The promising massage parlour

amoveo spa

When it comes to spa finding good spa is really hard. Many of the massage parlors are spamming their customers and not giving good massage.

Only few of the names in the industry still holding some values. In this list we need to consider Amoveo Spa.

Amoveo spa is Bangalore based massage center which provides lots of massage services like Thai massage, Nuru massage, Sandwich, Swedish, Aromatherapy and more.

Here we are going to see the review of Amoveo spa.

Quality of the massage:

Quality wise they are best in this business. Because many of the spa persons don’t have good quality materials, rooms and staffs. But in Amoveo you can find everything good.

They are using only premium oil and creams to massage client body. All are imported and their massage cabin is neat and clean. That is want every client want.


They are having 30+ masseurs in their spa. All are trained by Amoveo spa training academy. After getting certificate only they are allowed to massage clients. So, service quality is really awesome.

All trained staffs are good looking, clean and expert in body massage. That is why this spa remains number one massage center in Bangalore.


amoveo spa

You can see many of the parlours cost so much for massage. Especially if you are new in the city. But here you can see the affordable price chart.

You can also get Incall and outcall service from this massage center. The price differs from 500 to 2000 when you take outcall.

The straightforward price listing will help to know the details.

Safety & Security:

They provide excellent safety and security to their clients. They have cabs to pick and drop the customers. The safety wise they don’t reveal any information about you.

Overall Verdict:

So, come to the end of this review. At my point of view. Amoveo is best place to have some joy in the weekend. If you have time just visit their official website here. http://www.amoveospa.com/

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