The Honda 2 Stage Snow Blower- a Review

The Honda 2 Stage Snow Blower- a Review

In some parts of the world, it snows constantly, like in Antarctica. Penguins don’t use cars there, they drive snow blowers, 2 stage track drive snow blowers. For people dwelling in freezing temperatures, or anyone else affected by Siberian blizzards, you should sell your bicycle to invest in what is serious, but fun, equipment.

The Honda 2 stage snow blower is under review today. Though very popular among Penguins, it was, actually, designed by and for humans.

We arranged a test of the 5 two stage blowers made by Honda, whose engines range from 198 cc to 389cc. These Honda snow blowers use commercial grade parts. Buying one is an investment in a quality machine that will last more than two winters.

2 stage vs. 1 stage snow blowers

A 1 stage snow blower has an auger (blades seen at the front of the blower) and snow gets pushed out through a chute. A 2 stage blower has more power, and wheels giving it the ability to clear some large slopes. With the lifting of a lever, you can adjust the height of your snow blower, which comes with simple steering. It’s powerful and light on noise.

The terrain

A reason you would want a 2 stage snow blower is that if you have a 1 stage auger, it will lift the snow and your gravel. It’s unlikely your neighbours will be pleased at having small stones thrown at them. On a smooth concrete driveway, there are general snow blower concerns of
scratching on the driveway after repeated use, but this is not an issue with the Honda 2 stage snow blowers.

The Drive

Honda Snow Blowers come in track drive or wheel drive, with equal engine capacity in either drive.

Track drive blowers are best for steeper areas, while wheel drives can make more traction using chains.

Track drives also tend to have more rubber giving them better traction, but wheel drives have been around a lot longer. Keep in mind that a snow blower is not the same thing as a snowmobile. The latter has much larger tracks and drives above snow. The blower, however, is supposed to touch ground and clear the snow. The difference is the track size between the two with snowmobiles having more track.

Honda 2 stage snow blowers make light work of snow clearing. You won’t spend half the energy you would when using other brands, or a 1 stage blower. Using a less powerful machine will ask you to use more of your own strength, while Honda does it for you.

Engine Capacity

Choosing between engine sizes is the choice between clearing snow from 24 to 32 inches wide. The 198cc can throw snow up to 49 feet. The 270cc tosses it up to 52 feet, while the 389cc sends the snow up to 56 feet. The differences in lb./min is wide ranging from the 198cc to the 389cc. What we are looking at is 1500 lb./min, 1900lb./min, and 2750lb./min. Honda tells us that their speed is “infinitely variable”.

What does this mean in English? They are powerful, with an electric start, perfect in icy temperatures.


Setting up your new slow blower won’t leave you with a headache and scattered small parts. Use the oil given, fill up with your fuel, and press the start button, preferably outside after the first snowfall, not in your garage. The first snowfall gave me thirty minutes play time clearing 150 metres. Though the machine is big, handling is not an issue after a little bit of practice.

Why to buy one

You have survived a harsh winter if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, or about to be entering one if in the Southern Hemisphere. It is at this point that you should review your last snow battle. Who won? The snow, or you? Do not let the snow win next year. Invest in a Honda 2 stage blower. They are best two stage snow blower for the money. They are all well-designed, pretty to look at, comfortable to use, and durable. They are not cheap, but not a rip off either. You get what you pay for – a quality commercial grade machine, which means less snow stress for you every winter.

Overall, the Honda 2 Stage snow blowers are the latest answer to medium to heavy snowfall that won’t ask strength and energy of you. It’s a sturdy machine that’s intuitive handling for newer or more seasoned snowblowers. If any issues come up, you’ll have a warranty in place.

Honda Snowblower Model Comparison

10 Best Ways To propose Her with Engagement Rings

In the relationship of each couple in love, sooner or later, a time comes when they have to end their bachelor life & take a decision about the marriage. By tradition, males are expected to make the first move in this direction. But, the biggest question is that how boys should express their feelings and intentions before their female partners.

These days, many bachelors use engagement rings to propose their love mates and express their feelings. You can also do that. Just follow these careful tips:

  1. Purchase A Good Engagement Ring At First

The Engagement ring is one of the most important ornaments in the life of each person. Therefore, it is worth taking the most responsible approach in this regard. Some couples choose the engagement ring relying on signs and beliefs. Others bank on solely to their taste preferences. So, have a look at different types of engagement rings and pick a suitable one as per your liking and budget.

  1. Choose A Specific Date

The future husband and wife always try to choose a specific date for the exchange of engagement rings. To purpose your female partner with an engagement ring, choose a specific date on which you are free from your daily duties and weather condition is romantic.

  1. Select A suitable Place for Proposing Your Female partner

Once you have purchased an engagement ring and finalized a date, you need to decide the place where you can purpose your female partner. Just avoid family functions, dance floors, a movie in a cinema hall, sports grounds, beach, comedy shows, theme restaurants and museums for this important event. Choose a calm place where you can purpose your female partner with an engagement ring in an easy way.

  1. Get Chocolatey If You Want

If you girlfriend happens to a be a chocolate lover, it might be one of the best ways to gift her the engagement ring. Just buy a box of gourmet chocolates from the market, reshape it in the shape of the heart. If you can’t do this, get it done by the professionals. Wrap it with a beautiful paper and tie a fancy bow. When your female partner opens the box for candy, she will get the surprise gift and become happy definitely.

  1. Go For a walk Together

Before proposing your female partner, take her to a walk with hands in hand. Believe me, nothing will be more interesting than it. It helps you to get closer to your partner and make her feel special,

  1. A Poem of Love

When you are out with your girlfriend, you have to leave the worries aside and think of love only. Be like a romantic lover and dedicate a love song, poem, lines and expressions. If you can, sing a romantic song for your partner. If not, use a tape recorder device to record your voice and express your love feeling towards her. This will make the atmosphere romantic & pleasing.

  1. Give A Good Treat

The day when you propose your female partner always special. So, give her a special treat in a famous place, like restaurant, bar, pub, etc. If she wants to invite her friends, let her do so. Arrange all eating and drinking stuff your partner loves to have. Once they are satisfied, it becomes easier for you to convince her for an engagement proposal. There are many scenarios when things go haywire because of miscommunication. So, make sure your girlfriend is ready to accept your offer.

  1. Desert

A more private and economical option of the above idea would be to have a special dessert night at home. Invite your girlfriend to a simple dinner at your house and once she agrees, get her favorite ice cream or pastries for dessert. Before serving it, put the ring in a bowl and then cover it with what it has. Although it does make a great romantic surprise, just pray silently so she doesn’t choke on the ring.

  1. Purpose Your Girlfriend With Flowers and Engagement Ring

Red roses have always been associated with passion and passion of romantic love. And so, what better way to confess the same thing to your girlfriend than hiding a ring inside her petals. To do this, you will need to choose a solid Bud of roses and gently open the petals to place the ring there. Once you present it to your girlfriend, make sure she keeps it in a safe, visible place like her dresser or nightstand. The Bud will open in a couple of days, revealing the ring in its velvety folds.

  1. Have Breakfast Together

If your girlfriend likes to sleep, here’s a great way to say “good morning.” Set the Breakfast tray for her with toast, eggs, juice and a flower for decoration. Hold the ring on a small plate and cover it to make it look like part of the Breakfast menu. Your girlfriend will be thrilled just seeing you bring Breakfast to bed but wait until she reveals the closed plate and finds the ring.

Final Words

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily purpose your life partner with an engagement ring and make her your own forever.

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Author Bio – Evie Jones is a blogger and jewellery designer associated with an Melbourne based Diamond Company, an online store that offers a vast collection of radiant diamond, cushion cut diamond and round cut diamond engagement rings. Evie works with an experienced team of diamond experts and loves to explore and share the latest ring trends with others.

7 Cleaning Tips for Sewer and Drain

There’s nothing more messy and problematic than a clogged drain. Not only troublesome, it also causes hygiene issues and deteriorate the maintenance of the house.

Water all around, bad smell, and dirty home…a hassle we all try to avoid as much as possible.

But how does a sewer drain get clogged?

Each drain in our homes flows down to a larger drain branching together into the main drain or sewer line. Large pipes from homes are connected to the main sewer lines and this is how they get you rid from the dirt water and other waste matter.

There are some vent pipes also that are integrated into the main system along with the branch drains. These vent pipes don’t allow vacuum to be created.

Clogging occurs if somehow vacuum is created in the vent pipes. The vacuum doesn’t let the water flow down and causes clogging and allow the sewer gas to spread inside the home. This results into water puddled under the sink, toilets, laundry lines and kitchen area and causes obnoxious smell.

How to Get Rid of Clogged Sewer and Drain?

A clogged drain must be unclogged to let the dirty water flow out of your home. Although they pose big cleaning and maintenance challenges to the home owners, but they are not always that difficult to be cleaned.

The following are some tips to help you identify easy tricks to unclog the sewer and drains.

  1. Rely on Home Remedies

A drain is not clogged just over night. A slight negligence during regular use is usually the main reason for sewer and drain clogging.

But it is not necessary that every time you need to call for professional plumbers to resolve the issue. Some simple home remedies can be very useful in this regard.

Boil a kettle of water and gradually pour this boiling hot water into the clogged lines in two to three stages. This simplest solution does wonders.

Another home ready is to use vinegar and baking soda. Take 1/3 cup of each ingredient, mix them and immediately pour into the drain. It will result into fizzing that removes the blockage inside the drain. This must be left overnight for best results. Flush with hot water the next morning.

  1. Use Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are very effective in keeping the sewers and drains clean. Using them at least once every month is advisable.

There are various chemical based cleaners available in the market. These enzyme cleaners are safe to be used for drains as they don’t damage the pipes, environment and health of the residents. The commonly available chemical cleaners are hard in nature and may damage the pipes. They also cause corrosion, which is again undesirable.

Hence enzyme cleaners are better option to keep the drain clean.

  1. Get rid of Unwanted Stuff in the Drain

Hairs, plant roots and other such unwanted stuff enter into the drains and block them. This is the most common household reason for the sewer lines and drains to be blocked.

Getting rid of them is essential and easy too.

A mesh strainer drain trap is the right call in this case. Placing this drain trap can be very helpful in catching any sort of debris going directly into the drain. The mesh strainer drain trap can be placed in kitchen, bathrooms and laundry drains.

Another way is to perform Rooter cleaning once a year. This detailed cleaning helps you avoid chances of serious clogs in the future.

  1. Watch out for your Flushes

Careless draining is another reason for some serious troubles in the drainage system. While flushing out, it is important to ensure that the waste matter is soluble.

Usually people flush away wipes into the drain without realizing that these wipes may develop a blockage later on. Only toilet paper and waste should be flushed away.

Sanitary napkins must not be flushed out this way. Otherwise they will clog the lines causing huge plumbing issues that can only be solved using professional help.

A slight care while flushing out can be a big savor!

  1. Repair Leaked Pipes

Never ignore if any of the pipe in your home is leaking. Sometimes the leakage is because of any damage to the pipe. It might be corrosion too that is damaging the pipe.

Whatever is the reason, the drain pipes must be repaired immediately. A slight leakage may result into uncontrollable damage to the home plumbing system. The leakage can be identified through water puddle around kitchen sink, lose tiles next to the tub, mold spots on the wall and peeling paint.

Should you notice any of such signs, it is suggested to figure out whether there’s a leakage from any of the pipes. When a leakage in pipe is caught, call your trusted plumber for quick repair.

  1. Insulation of Pipes

Winters are a challenging season for the drains too. Water expands due to a drop in temperature, causing the lines to clog sometimes.

Though occurs rarely, especially in extremely cold weather, but when happens bring a lot of inconvenience to the house owners.

Poor pipe installation and lack of insulation are the common causes for frozen pipes. Rather than ignoring the issue, it is suggested to wrap the outside of the pipes with proper insulation to prevent the hassle. A thicker insulation is the best, but even household insulation will be sufficient.

Pipe insulation is usually made of polyethylene or fiberglass. Tubular insulation is another of the trick proved to be effective in some cases.

  1. Get rid of Oil and Grease

The kitchen sinks are more prone to the clogging caused by oil and grease. Try as much as possible to keep the oily stuff away from the drains. Though take longer in building up, but oil and grease are the toughest to get rid of in the long run.

Getting rid of these nasty stuff is frustrating. Mixing hot water with soap sometimes help in washing out grease. But this trick is not helpful always.

N case of tough clog, a caustic cleaner is much helpful. Pour the cleaner into the drain with standing water and leave it for an hour or more. Using compressed air is also found to be helpful for troublesome grease.

Last Word

Sewer and drain lines must be prevented from any sort of clogging which occurs as a result of daily use and regular wear and tear. The tips discussed here can be very handy and useful in doing this job with ease.

Try them out and get rid of clogged drains.

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