10 Years Residency Specialist and Investors Visa of UAE

Dubai is famous and popular for a number of reasons, there are some things which make it the best place to be. One of them is the ease of settling, getting a residence and establishing a business here. The investors now can have complete ownership of their business without any intermediate obstacle in the country.

Moreover, specialists such as engineers, doctors and other professionals including but not limited to chartered accountants, MBAs and finance personnel will get residency visa for around 10 years. They can also bring their families with ease and they will get the 10 year residency visa as well. The decision has been made after a Cabinet meeting by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

This is a very attractive position for global investors as they will now be able to have 100% ownership of their companies in the country. The 10-year residency visa for specialists from all over the world is also very attractive as the innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists are also going to get 10 year residences. Moreover, sharp and bright students can also get 10 year residency depending on their academic performance in the respective fields.

The basic aim and objective behind this decision and strategic planning is to create a destination for investors.

“The UAE will remain an incubator for innovators and a hub for investors,” Sheikh Mohammed tweeted. “Our open environment, tolerant values, infrastructure and flexible legislations constitute the best plan to attract global investments and exceptional talents. The UAE will remain a land of opportunities. It is the best environment to realize the dreams of humans and unleash their exceptional potentialities.”

This decision is going to positively affect the country as well as the foreign investors. The UAE will benefit from the unsurpassed talent of foreign nationals including doctors, engineers, MBAs, chartered accountants and even for tertiary professions such as chef, carpenter, and babysitter among many others.

The competent professionals from rest of the world will also be given a chance to completely own their life in the new country. For global investors, it is an ideal situation as they can be the owners of their property.

The business owners and industry experts have also applauded the new 10-year visa scheme as it can work favorable for them as well. The chairman of Lulu Group also said that this is an exceptional decision which can boost the image of UAE in the global business community around the world. This will help in not only attracting the investors but also the best professionals who are highly needed in the competitive world of today.

According to the chairman and founder of Danube Group, Rizwan Sajan, the Indians have invested a lot of money in the UAE and this move can substantially increase the trust on the economy and political stability of the UAE. This decision can also be helpful for the further improvement of economy in this region.

The senior partner at Crow Horwath; Atik Munshi also said that it is an exceptional move to attract foreign investors and employees. He further added, “The 10-year visa is not only incredibly attractive, but also has come at the right time when the UAE is looking to enhance its investor community.

This will build up enormous confidence for the investors who want to make the UAE their home. Ahmed Shaikhani, the president of Pakistani Business Council also said that the move will substantially benefit the UAE economy as well as the property sector in particular. All in all, this is a very positive decision taken at the right time.

Rahane has confirmed that he will take 2 centuries in Melbourne

The Indian-Australian Test Cricket series has so far been 1-1. Tomorrow begins the 3rd Test match in Melbourne. Pujara, Kohli and Rahane have been under pressure due to the heavy competition of Indian openers. In this situation Rahane said: –

Batsmen must definitely improve. This is a very important point when discussing batting. Boxing Day Test match, Melbourne Ground, Biggest fan meeting, I’m really interested. You have to provide the best of every session. This is important in Test cricket. Since the game will change in a session, we have to contribute more than 100 percent in the field. I think the batsmen will still have more responsibility in the coming Test match.

For me, I think I’ll get it in Melbourne. Because Adelaide will see the way I bat in the Perth Test matches. I’ll take 2 cents, but usually do not think about them. It is enough to play for the team in the context of the situation. Rahane said that his own milestones will come back.

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Thousands of foreigners are banned to enter Malaysia

73,000 foreigners have been banned from entering Malaysia, based on the Malaysian Immigration Law.

Director of the Immigration Department, Gen. Serie Mustafar Ali, said “Not To Land” has been issued to prevent these criminals entry into the country. They are trying to enter land, air and sea. ”

There are thousands of foreigners involved in various crimes in Malaysia. There are also students who have come in the name of students and have no documented documents.

“Some outsiders say that they are studying in larger educational institutions. Fake and outdated passports have been banned, “said Musserbar Ali, speaking after the Immigration Day celebration at Kuala Lumpur Airport.

According to the Immigration Law, companies involved in the employment of foreigners who have entered Malaysia for work should be taken within 6 hours. If they are not invited, they will be allowed to wait for up to three days. The Malaysian Immigration Department has pointed out that if they do not arrive then they will be deported to their own country.

46,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested in 15,000 searches conducted by the Malaysian Immigration Department this year. The detainees have been detained and will be sent back to their homeland by 9,000 foreigners in the clutches of Malaysian immigration.

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WhatsApp Updates: New updates released with new features

WhatsApp is essential to all of us in processes that are used for communication. Particularly, Facebook has been getting a lot of new updates since 2014 by Facebook.

There are 6 features available in the new versions of WhatsApp that have been released in this way, such as Dark Mode, Share Contact Info Via QR, Group Calling Shortcut, Multi-Share Files, View videos Directly in the Push Notification, Ranking the Contacts.

Dark Mode (Dark Light Reduced Light)

The black color of the WhatsApp’s wallpaper is released in the name of ‘Dark Mode’. Prior to this feature, there are works in YouTube, Twitter and Twitter. This facility was naturally featured on Nokia Lumia Siri’s handsets. This dark-handed facility has been provided to the user’s eyes during night time.

Share Contact Info Via QR

This new feature, information about us can be easily used by someone. When the QR code appears, it will share the information together with others when it is used. The same facility is featured in Instagram.

The Group Calling Shortcut

This is being tested in the WhatsApp beta version, near the new icon call. If you touch it, you can call three of our people at the same time. Previously the same facility was provided at IAS.

Multi-Share Files

The Multi-Share Files feature is a feature to share files from a different process, such as document and PDF files. In particular, it also provides a preview of the message when it is sent to others. Previously, the same service is present in different processes. This is the

Contact rankings (Ranking the Contacts)

Contacts on our mobile can also be used in WhatsApp. It provides quality dividing facility. Accordingly, we can share photos, videos, audio in the contacts we choose as standard numbers. This update provides the number of communications that transmits information through writing, as the average contacts, and other types of contacts.